The Door is Still Ajar

The Door is Still Ajar

John Blumer is a private investigator and former policeman.

One day a man enters his office with two newspaper cuttings. One headline Blumer knows all too well: THE DOOR IS STILL AJAR. That is what he said to the press after Leon Boyd, a brutal murderer, had finally been trapped trying to abduct his latest victim. Suddenly Boyd throws the girl from a window and then jumps to his own death. The police are anxious to close the case, but Blumer is convinced that Boyd may well have had an accomplice. When he refuses to stop investigating, he is removed from the case. In disgust he takes early retirement.

The man is the father of Leon Boyd’s last victim and points to the other headline. A girl has been brutally abducted in a sea-side resort in a way very similar to Boyd’s modus operandi. He asks Blumer to travel down to the resort to conduct his own investigation. Blumer jumps at the chance. But what he doesn’t realise is he is about to embark on a murder investigation that will push him far beyond any boundary or understanding of the criminal mind.

Available on the 28th February, 2023

Available as a Paperback